UXPARTNERS is offering turn key projects from design to realisation of exhibition stands and interiors worldwide, with in house design capabilities.

Because we want to fully understand your requirements and wishes, we always follow various steps and stages in the process:

  • First of all, there is the contact phase: via phone, mail or in real life. Get connected, understand each other and express your feelings and your wishes.
  • After that, you send us your design brief (if available) or UXPARTNERS will work with you to generate the design brief (with styles, colours, tech specs etc.) and you provide UXPARTNERS with an indication of your budget.
  • Then UXPARTNERS will present you the initial design (in 3D, full colour) and we will explain why we made certain choices.
  • After your and our feedback, we will adapt the design (if necessary) in line with your expectations and wishes.
  • If all parties agree on the concept design and the indicated budget, UXPARTNERS will generate a realistic design, based on your possibilities.
  • Once the design, quotation and schedule has been approved, UXPARTNERS will manage the realisation process (fabrication, shipping, installation and dismantling), as per agreements.

Together with you, UXPARTNERS will make your project a successful and unforgettable experience!

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